Z Political Consulting

With over a decade of experience—Alexi can help get your campaign across the finish line whether it’s a school board race of a Congressional set. We will work with you to craft a strategy that is comprehensive – from strategy and research to mailings and ground deployments – to ensure your message reaches voters.

i Media Relations

The non-stop news cycle can be tough for any business or organization that is looking to launch or expand. We work to get you in front of the media and your message in print and on air so that your target communities can see what you have to offer. Your story matters to us – and we’ll give you the chance to tell it.

Thought Leadership

We can help raise the profile of any thought leader—be they political, business, educational, or religious. Let us help you catch the attention of the media – local or national – and bring awareness to the work you do. Speaking engagements, inteviews, social media presence, and more. We do it all.


Grabbing the attention of your audience – and making a memorable impact – starts with effective branding. Alexi works with award-winning designers that can help you craft a brand that communicates your purpose with effect to ensure that your organization isn’t lost in the crowd.

Crisis Management

When a crisis unfolds, time isn’t on your side. That’s why our experience in dealing with public emergencies will help equip you with the tools you need to survive with your reputation intact. Today’s social media-driven world can be rough – let us help.

Public Affairs Campaigns

Engaging, educating, and motivating your target audience is key when it comes to creating a successful public affairs campaign. We strive in bringing diverse communities together to not just hear what you have to say—but to join your team for the long run.


As the world moves from print to phone and from television to tablet, you business will need to as well. Alexi specializes in delivering dynamic, captivating digital content across a variety of platforms that will engage and inform.

k Copy Writing

Whether it’s an op-ed, a script for a video advertisement, or a catchy slogan for your ballot measure, we will work to craft creative, effective copy to communicate your message.

Social Impact

In today’s marketplace, your business goes beyond the product it offers. Your brand is more than what’s on the shelves – it’s what in your heart and on your mind. Your community wants to know where you stand and we can help navigate those waters.